Hair Services

Creative & Customized Hair Cuts

Hair cut is a way of showing your creativity for styling for your hair. For getting a great hairstyle hair needs good shape and structure. Hairstyling is not possible without a good, professional cut. Every hairstylist needs four important aspects like precision, good technique, creativity and a balance. All these things incorporates balance, line and face shape.

At Glamology salon, all hairstylists are well trained to give you a perfect hair cut.  Our experts are trying to provide you unique and customized haircuts that suits your face.  Hair stylist always focus on highlighting the best section of your hair for providing the best hairstyle.

Customized Hair colours

Changing hair colour is one of the biggest trends in today’s world and especially when we talk about ammonia and ammonia-free hair colours. There are so many hair colour brands which are providing ammonia free hair colours. Majority of the brands have both ammonia and ammonia-free hair colour range.

Glamology salon understands the importance of healthy hair. Here we are taking the utmost care while choosing the colour for your hair. Now you can choose from a huge palette of ammonia and ammonia-free hair colours. While you can also go for personalized consultation by any of hairstylists. Our hair experts will help you to choose the best colour which suit your complexion and face shape.

Hair Texture Services

Have you ever thought of changing the texture of your hair. It’s time to change your hair texture, either you can change some lustrous curls into straight smooth hair or just some curly locks to enhance your frame. Hair experts of Glamology will guide you to choose the best hair texture for your hair. Get smoothened frizz free natural look with our best ever package of smoothening and hair rebonding.

Our duty is to transform your look in the way you want. What you have to do is just to choose your hair texture. You can choose smooth, silky, ultra soft, straight to bouncy lustrous curls. For more details you can visit our salon.  

Hair Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights which are the best way to describe your hair trend. If we talk about Lowlights then it involves darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour while the highlights use colours that are lighter than your natural shade.

Our main main purpose of adding highlights to your hair is to brighten up the overall color of your hair and add softness and dimension to it.

Keratin Treatment

For adding an elegance to your hair, lets try Keratin Treatment. Keratin is the best treatment for making your hair look long and polished. If we talk naturally human hair is expected to be strong due to the presence of protein and keratin. In fact, Glamology make use of Keratin in order to make the hair look straight.

According to our experts, keratin treatment will not make the hair straight and this is just a temporary process. If you are using keratin in your hair then it will definitely help in managing the frizz and curl of the hair. Its time to go for keratin to give your hair a fabulous look.

Hair Rituals

Glamology is a salon which gives you style. Hair rituals are an energizing revitalizing ritual can stimulate the scalp, removes dandruff, control hairfall and nourish the hair from root to tip to increase the hair density. As we know that our hair is exposed to daily aggression like ultra-violet rays, dust, pollution, excessive heat, styling and many more. Hair rituals are the secret to endless happiness after all that. Glamology uses products with a special ingredient which proves to be a natural source of life for hair.

Here we are providing an ultimate experience & solution for all hair types. You will witness the hair transformation of your hair with a huge range of hair rituals. We are trying to give you the best possible services.